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The fusion of our minds with computers.

THIS ongoing “effort” by the Transhumanist Movement – was the fundamental reason the “Going Primal Movement” was started in the early 2000′s.

This ongoing effort is not science fiction – it is rapidly becoming science fact.

This ongoing effort – is the human species merging with the computer.

Currently, few people are mentally grasping that our species is in the midst of the greatest transformation in its evolution – EVER.

In terms of impact on the human species, we are now experiencing the domestication of fire, the invention of the wheel, the birth of agriculture, and the industrial revolution…all rolled into one – times a million.

THIS is the power of exponential growth in technology.

Witness how, in only a relative few years, the iPhone has essential become a “brain extension” for hundreds of millions of increasingly sedentary¬†human beings on the planet.

Witness¬†wearable computing - ¬†which is the transitional stage on the path to actually ¬†fusing our minds with the computer. Right now we are being gradually conditioned to willingly accept the coming transformation to something “other than human”.

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As we merge with the computer more and more with every passing day, we are even starting to think and even act like computers.



Quick – but shallow.

People are even forgetting how to make eye-contact.

Creativity and critical thinking is being weaned out of us – mainly because we are constantly being distracted.

We are told that via today’s internet, the average person has more access to information than the president of the United States did in 1995.

But at least half of what’s on the internet is nonsense and/or propaganda.

So, are we now any closer to the truth  - about ANYTHING?

And the sad reality is that with every passing day, like Pavlovian dogs, we do only what all of¬†our wonderful gizmos, these addictive “electronic task masters” ¬†-¬†tell us to do.

And forget “going outside”……our increasing disconnection from Nature will soon be complete with the advent of virtual reality

For many of us already, the vast majority of our communication with our fellow human beings – even our most cherished loved ones – is through a computer of one form or another.

Yet we are told we are so “connected”. Really?

Now, it is certainly well documented that throughout human history,¬†almost all new “radical” technology is at first met with fear and resistance by much of the populace.

But this is different.

This is vastly different because in the past, we were the operator of that technology.

And this technology – is beginning to operate us.

And what will it do when it becomes physically and neurologically fused with of our minds?

In a real sense, we are talking about the extinction of homo sapiens.

Perhaps most disturbing of all, is the realization that as a species our technical evolution has outpaced our moral evolution, and there is no end in sight on the technological front.

“The genie” is not only NOT going “back in the bottle” ever again, it is turning into a beast.

And that the global ruling elite love it.

They global ruling elite are especially excited about the “efforts” being made toward reverse engineering the human brain. Afterall, a “back-up” of your own brain, and an avatar to place it in, could be quite useful.

If the Tranhumanist Movement that the global ruling elite are aligned with has its way, humanity is about to become something other than human.

A new species, ¬†”Techno-Sapiens” ¬†if you will.

But rest assured, the most desirable and powerful “transformations” associated with this escalating technology, this “transcedence”, will be astronomically expensive, and will not be “available” to you and I.

Therefore, only the uber wealthy will need to apply.

No, you and I, and the remaining 99.999% of us, will receive just enough “technological enhancement” of our miserable biology to remain “useful” and “productive”.

Think “worker bees in a bee-hive”.

For a glimpse of how the ruling elite will use this looming technology, simply note the amazing productivity gains per worker in the white collar workplace since the advent of the internet.

Are the workers sharing in this resulting financial windfall?

No. Instead, the money from almost all of these record shattering profits has gone to the tippy-top of corporations, especially in America – where white collar wages have been stagnant or in decline since the mid 1990′s when the computer became common in the workplace.

Yet, “Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.”

At this point, it would be wise to inform your loved ones, especially if they are your children, that under no circumstances are they to ever allow their brain to be merged with a computer.

Keep in mind, this will be difficult for them to resist, as it will be pitched to be in their best interest….health/safety/security etc etc.

Sounds familiar already, doesn’t it?

No doubt, enhancing one’s body with machines and other technology so far has and can be a life-saver, yet even this ability is going to get alot stranger soon.

But the MOMENT we fuse our mind with a computer – our FREE WILL is gone.


One final note to keep in mind is that since the beginning of civilization, history tells us the ruling elite of any given society have never been especially benevolent to toward the people they rule.

And all too often, they have been ruthless and/or tyrannical. Even monsters.

At best, the ruling elite have been self-absorbed, self-serving, and generally socio-pathic, because with few exceptions, that is the type of human that is attracted to that type of power.

So, just think if the ruling elite, mere mortals albeit twisted ones – gain the ability to live forever.

How will the rest of us be treated THEN by these moral cowards?

Afterall, they will never die.

They will be immortal.

They will be Gods.









He is one of the most dangerous men in the world…………and he is not a radical Islamic “mastermind” living in a remote cave somwhere in the Middle-East.





Our society seems to exhort us to “get naked” as way of being “radical”.

Like ski naked!

Sky-dive naked!

Swim naked!

Run naked!

Or simply “get naked” with someone, right?

But here is something TRULY radical – how about “sleep naked”?

In America, the percentage of people who sleep naked is less than 10 percent.

Even wonder why so relatively few of us sleep “in the raw”?

Afterall, being naked is our most natural state.

And we spend roughly 1/3 of our lifetime sleeping.




“The People” vs. “Winter


The oddsmakers say “Winter”.

(Mother Nature is undefeated you know)





“Squatting is the way our ancestors performed their bodily functions until the middle of the 19th Century. Chair-like toilets were reserved for the royals and the disabled. But the “progress” of westernized societies may be partly to blame for higher rates of colon and pelvic disease, as described by a report in the¬†Israel Journal of Medical Science:2

“The prevalences of bowel diseases (hemorrhoids, appendicitis, polyps, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticular disease, and colon cancer) are similar in South African whites and in populations of prosperous western countries. Among rural South African blacks with a traditional life style, these diseases are very uncommon or almost unknown.” ¬† – ¬†” For Best Toilet Health:Squat or Sit?”, by Dr Mercola, December 3, 2012 ¬†¬†FULL ARTICLE HERE


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Think that sounds totally alarmist and far-fetched?

An overly dramatic  fear-mongering statement, right?

Well, when you drive off in the morning without your iPhone, do you feel suddenly “naked” and vulnerable?

Do you feel anxious when you have not been able to check your e-mail all day?

Do you recall off the top of your head, most of the phone numbers of your closest loved ones, friends, and work cohorts?

Do you often try to check your iPhone and carry on a conversation with the person in front of you – at the same time?

Do you spend more time staring into one kind of glowing screen or another – way more than you sleep?

Do you risk your own death, as well as the death of others, simply in order to text : “i will b right home” ?


                                                  This is just the beginning.




Good-bye Polar Vortex. SEE YOU SOON.







The mainstream food diet in the USA, has changed more in the last 50 years – than in the previous 2 million years of human evolution.



Processed FOods

And we are paying the price.


As we ingest a myriad of synthetic chemicals, lab manufactured proteins, and mutant genetically modified organisms………our primal bodies revolt.

At least they are trying.

We have alot of sick people in the “Greatest Nation on Earth”.

Have you noticed that?

Yet the American medical establishment, via the corporate mainstream media, incessantly rams down our throats the mantra that ¬†”more Americans are living longer than ever“.

While that is true only because modern medicine conquered many of the childhood diseases that haunted the USA in the early 20th century, the other fact is that in 1920, the average American male who made it to the age of 60 could on average expect to live to be 76.

In 2013, if the average American male makes it to the age of 60 , he can expect to live to be an average of 78.

So over the past 93 years, modern medicine has extended the average American male life span a whopping TWO years.

THAT’S what you are NOT being told by the American medical establishment via ¬†the corporate mainstream American media.

What is ALSO true is that most Americans are now living the  last 30-40 years of theirs lives with chronic illness, ingesting one pharmaceutical drug after another.

Often taking one drug to mask the negative side effects cause by another.


You see, there is NO MONEY to be made when you are dead, so¬†the powers that be want you alive – but only “sort of”.

Thankfully our heavily subsidized mainstream factory food system is¬†toxic to the human body – an organism that has evolved an amazing digestive system over the eons – and now we can “produce” millions and millions of sick people !

Afterall, sick people keep the one of the main pillars of our “economy” humming along……….GOD BLESS AMERICA.





……..” and THAT’S when things started to get really really bad son.”



Over the last six months this website has been terribly hacked not once – but twice.

The site has effectively been shut down for months at a time.

How or why someone would hack “Going Primal”, and who carried it out – I do not know.

And most likely never will.

But what I DO know is that “Going Primal” is ultimately about DISSENT.

But what I DO know is that Going Primal is about freeing ourselves from the artificial prison we have been conditioned to live in since birth, and that simply because we are not in chains and shackles, or behind bars, it does not mean we are “free”.

But what I DO know is that Going Primal is a primordial shove back against the “status-quo” established by the ruling elite, who have had a damn good run for a long long time, often at the expense of the remaining 99.99% of us.

And last but not least, what I DO know is that the ruling elite in this country, and as well as globally, are scared shitless right now.

I can tell by the way they are “reacting”.

Economically, socially, politically, and ecologically, especially in my home country, the United States of America, “the system” that has provided and sustained the power perch The Owners so relish – has begun to breakdown.

And they know it.

These socio-paths KNOW they are trying to “sustain the unsustainable”……and that the writing is on the wall for our consumption at-all-costs economy.

But they have a deep and cowardly interest in maintaining “control” atop their power perch during the breathtaking descent in the standard of living now underway in this country.

They will not go down easily. Afterall, life has been so very good to them.

Now consider this scenario: if someone “official” looking knocks at your front door tonight and says, “Hello, we know you are not doing anything wrong, BUT we just want to make sure. So…we will be coming into your house everyday to just look around for awhile, check out your closets and perhaps your financial and health records, and maybe even pull your mail out of your mail box and open it and look it over….that sort of thing.”


Because that’s what is essentially happening to most all of us in terms of “privacy”.

We are being VIOLATED.

Here we are in 2013, where every key stroke we hit, every web search we conduct, every WEBSITE we visit, every e-mail we send, and every phone call we make is being filtered and/or monitored by the National Security Agency (NSA). Why?




Every “tweet” in the United States is being archived in the Library of Congress. Why?


And now every “text” will be soon be, too. Why?


GPS chips are already in many cars and will soon be in all cars, and are already tracking your precise location on planet Earth from inside your cell phone. Why?

Video cameras are every where now, both in public and private spaces. Hidden and unhidden. Why?

And the drones we used to recoil at when reading “science fiction” novels? They are already here. With plenty more to come. Why?






The fact is most of our financial, social, medical, and personal lives are all going “on-line” more and more everyday, and therefore will be ALWAYS be “available” for “monitoring” – ¬†until the day we die and beyond.

Yet, like clamoring lemmings, we WILLINGLY line up in droves at “Best Buys” to spend our steadily declining buying power on the latest and greatest electronic gizmo…which only further records almost every detail of our existence.

This recent trend is only going to INCREASE.

It is a dictatorship’s wildest dream come true.

The stripping away of our privacy since 911 has been unprecendented and mind-boggling – and if you have been paying attention just this month regarding the “National Defense Authorization Act”, you know the final “death knell” for organized dissent may actually occur as I write this sentence.




Too many people forget that approximately 40 years ago, the President of the United States of America was facing PRISON time for his orders against perceived political enemies…..orders which are a mere fraction of what is being “ordered” for us as a society today.

Look at us now.

What happened?

And if anyone still believes this massive surveillance movement is mainly about protecting us from radical Islamic “terrorism”, well, your masters have succeeded with you as an individual.

Maybe…WE are the more dangerous “terrorist” in their eyes?

OR…. are figured to soon become the more dangerous “terrorists” (under the frighteningly vague definition we are “allowed” to see)…once the coming precipitous drop in the standard of living for 99.99% of the people in this nation… settles in?

“What’s the big deal if you are not doing anything “wrong”?” – ¬†is too often the frequent question in response to this rant .

Which is EXACTLY how The Owners want you to react.

Just remember, The Owners get to set the terms of what “wrong” means.

But that frequent question also misses the larger and more critical point.

And that point is this: PRIVACY is a fundamental human right.

PRIVACY…. essentially IS “freedom”.

Because without privacy, true positive movements of mass dissent, like the Labor Movement, or the Civil Rights Movement, or the Women’s Suffrage Movement…. become IMPOSSIBLE.

Without privacy Р we become become exploited prisoners.

Or slaves.

Or both.

And thanks to the relentless escalation of technology we find ourselves inundated with, never before in the the history of human evolution… have so few been able to control so many.

We simply cannot afford to trust The Owners with this kind of power – a power that is unprecendented in human history.

As “absolute power” not only “corrupts absolutely” – it corrupts the human soul.

Going Primal only crawled into the electronic beast before you in order to “tame the beast”, not to destroy it.

And before long, the goal is for the Going Primal Movement to go “electronically dark”.

But in the meantime, if Going Primal gets hacked again soon after this post….then maybe I WILL ¬†”know”?

That I am a “terrorist”?

And you will be too for being here?

“Just because you’re paranoid – doesn’t mean someone is not following you.”-unknown




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