Q: What is “GOING PRIMAL”?

A:  GOING PRIMAL is a human freedom and sustainability movement in the United States.

The movement contends that despite all of the impressive “progress” and “prosperity” in technologically advanced societies of the Earth, these societies are beginning to create environments which are actually harmful to people.

In otherwords, these societies are now experiencing a “diminishing return” on all this “advancement”.

Distancing ourselves from our God-given “primal nature” is the root cause of this harm.

This harm is physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

For 99.9 % our species’ existence on Earth, our mind, body, and souls were being formed by the natural world. Yet in “advanced” societies, we have recently become increasingly disconnected from that same natural world, and physically isolated from each other. In short, we live in cages we refuse to see.

Going Primal is not about donning a loin cloth and retreating back to our “hunting and gathering” stage.

But are we becoming too “domesticated”?

Is human evolution always “positive”?

Could we already be witnessing the emergence of a new sub-species of human….the “techno-sapien”?

So please explore this site, then turn off your computer…AND GO OUTSIDE!

Primal…can be good.






“Extinction is the rule.  Survival is the exception.” — Carl Sagan

Embrace Your Primal Nature:

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What does Going Primal mean?

Is it extremism?

Where did it come from?

What is the urgency?

How do I begin?

What if it fades?

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