Question 3

Q:  GOING PRIMAL is starting to sound like some kind of “extremist” movement… it?

A: GOING PRIMAL is not a fringe or “extremist” movement.

It generally approves of “civilization” as we have come to define it, as well as humanity’s continued quest for knowledge and “improving” itself. It accepts the evolution of our species as mostly positive – until relatively recently.

So rest assured, the movement is not imploring us to put on loin clothes and retreat back into the wilderness to “hunt and gather” again.

The movement simply contends that people in technologically advanced societies now have a golden opportunity to have the “best of both worlds”.

However, this opportunity exists only if we are willing to seek technology that respects our primal nature…. and operates within the natural cycles and processes of Earth’s ecosystem without disrupting them. 

Consider this for starters: you and/or your children will most likely be spending MORE THAN HALF your waking hours……..for the rest of your life….staring into a glowing electronic glowing screen of one kind or another?

Is it “extreme” to question the consequences of that reality?