Question 7

Q: What if the GOING PRIMAL movement fades away?

A: We are ALL on this beautiful rock together as the dominant species at this critical juncture in Human evolution. And the world has gotten so much smaller…so much faster than we ever dreamed of….due to the advent of the Information Age.

So like it or not, we are now effectively one tribe.

The Human tribe.

The Industrial Revolution…. “raised many boats with it’s tide”…but we also paid a high price for that era of civilization in the toxification and degrading of our air, land, and water.

At this moment, we cannot withstand nearly the entire population of Earth consuming and wasting at the same rates and in the same ways advanced societies did during the Industrial Revolution.

Ecology simply won’t allow it.

More alarmingly, the Information Age that now envelopes us, seems capable of severing us from what we really are – once and for all.

But the good news is the GOING PRIMAL movement optimistically believes there is a new and improved future of liberation, comfort, and well-being out there for all of humanity.

And although no Utopia, this new way of Life, which combines the best of the ancient and the modern…….would finally be a SUSTAINABLE one.

However, if the more advanced societies of the world collectively fail to lead the way and embrace their Primal Nature……then NATURE itself will soon “correct” us ALL.

But it will do so on its own terms.

And it will do so – abruptly.

Humanity, let along other creatures in Nature, may not be able to adapt fast enough to keep up.

Unfortunately, we are already falling behind.

Mounting evidence abounds.

In the END, Nature always wins, but that does not mean we should not try.

If not for ourselves, but for those to come.

Survival is a primal instinct.