Question 6

Q:  How does one begin “GOING PRIMAL”?

A: The first step to GOING PRIMAL is ACCEPTING that although you, as a human being, are the most intelligent, enlightened, and complex organism on God’s Earth…..ECOLOGY rules you in this physical plane. Or physics – to be more specific.

There is no escaping the fact that 99.99999% of the time spent on our species’ evolutionary journey so far, we’ve been honed to function harmoniously within the natural cycles and habitats of God’s natural world – not outside them or above them.

In otherwords – GOING PRIMAL first requires a certain “humility”.

For instance, continuing to think we can artificially “engineer” our way out of ALL of our environmental problems as a species no matter what, by conquering or “improving” nature, and further disconnecting ourselves from nature……may work in the “short run”.

In the long run, however, the “technology trap” has historically proven how we often invite only more problems- sometimes bigger problems.

The ever emerging  world-wide “Sustainability Movement” right now is at least a move in the direction of this first step accepting ECOLOGY, as it is essentially people embracing their primal nature on many levels, although they may not even consciously realize it.

Tragically, the “Sustainability Movement”, especially in the USA, is being quickly co-opted into a corporate driven ‘marketing scheme” bent on getting the average person to buy a more expensive product.

A product that is presented, too often disingenuously, as “healthy” or “green” or environmentally friendly”.

Going Primal represents a broader, deeper and more CONSCIOUS awareness movement than the current Sustainability Movement.