Question 3 – More

The GOING PRIMAL movement is not “regressive” per se –  other than believing that by consciously moving backward on certain critical levels, we can keep moving forward as a species. It is not calling for “de-evolution”.

And GOING PRIMAL is not an “anti-technology” movement.

On the contrary, it absolutely welcomes our continued advancement of knowledge, science, and technology. It does not seek a full return to the brutal physical existence which humanity endured for eons.

But GOING PRIMAL does suggest we simplify and slow down the fundamental pace of our lives as much as possible, as well as question technology at every turn possible, and at a deeper level……from here on out.

The movement believes that technology… fire, water, sex, money, religion, and so many other realities in this world, is not intrinsically “good” or “bad” – it’s all about HOW we “use” it.

Unfortunately, in the midst of the Information Age we now live in, more often than not, we act like children with dangerous new toys we don’t fully understand.

It is also critical to note that GOING PRIMAL is not anti-human, anti-God, anti-religion, anti-atheist, anti-democracy, anti-western, or anti-capitalism. To the contrary, GOING PRIMAL is an uplifting and progressive “pro-humanity” mindset that seeks to UNIFY and enhance all of humanity, not divide it, by promoting our common “primalness” as a species, and our common inherent connection to the natural world.

For in the end, all people of the Earth, no matter who they are or what society they live in, “need” what they have always “needed”, and what they will never stop “needing”: food, water, shelter, clothing…hope, peace, freedom, and love.

It is the “wants” that get us into trouble.