Question 6 – More

If you cannot take this first step of acceptance dealing with “humility”, or at least by opening your mind to this notion, well then, you have pretty much demonstrated what many contend may be our “fatal flaw” as a species. GOING PRIMAL is probably not for you then – at least at this time in your personal journey.

The second step to GOING PRIMAL is to re-think the commonly accepted negativity that surrounds the word “primal”.

Consider that since the dawn of civilization the word “primal” in the “advanced” cultures of the world conjured up images of “darkness”. Greed, war, lust, racism, sloth, hatred, violence -these were the human tendencies that had always been the “evils” of our inner primal nature, and so out of FEAR and over time, we consciously began running faster and faster away from not just our “dark side” – but our ENTIRE PRIMAL NATURE. In a sense, we “threw the baby out with the bathwater.”

And we have never really stopped.

Not everything primal is “good” of course.

But primal CAN  be extremely “good”, if we finally and consciously accept ALL of what we are, and respect the larger limits and natural cycles the Earth places on us.

Afterall, as a species we are also good, beautiful, powerful, and unique animal beings. And always have been.

Our natural instincts for empathy, community, and peace are just as powerful as our natural instincts for self-interest, individualism, and war – despite what we have been “told” all these years.