In the light of the recent horrific violence at a political event in Arizona, it feels necessary to re-confirm Going Primal’s mission, and the means of the mission.

Let it be clear that Going Primal is a human sustainability movement which promotes non-violence only.

In fact, it is our darkest primal urges, like those displayed in Arizona, that the movement seeks to understand and master through future “conscious” evolution…. rather than defaulting to the “unconscious evolution” that has been our master since the dawn of our species.

It is unconscious evolution that has allowed the dark side of our primal nature to consistently over power the bright side of our primal nature, and led us to the many degenerative issues we still face as part of the human condition.

For instance, unconscious evolution can keep us emotionally divided as a Nation.

Just like we are now.

Most of our highest “leaders” know this, and often exploit this aspect of our dark side. For they know that a “divided ship never mutinies”.

They prefer us to remain locked within this dark side of our primal nature, so that they can enhance and maintain their power, without being fully accountable to the remaining 99.99% of us. So they cater to our dark side: rampant consumption, superficiality, materialism, egoism, racism, hyper-competitiveness, lust, and violence.

And most of us keep falling for it.

So what would a “mutiny” look like if and when the remaining 99.99% of us start evolving “consciously”?

Imagine a pack of kids in a park on their last day of summer vacation…

One kid comes up with what sounds like a great game of tag. He explains the game, and all the children join in and start to play his game. It is fun at first, and the kids all seem satisfied with the game.

But as time goes by, a few kids notice that the kid who invented and leads the game is winning the game every time. At first, they shuck this observation off, thinking that maybe this kid is just really good at the game.

And that they need to try even harder.

So they do.

And besides, it’s the last day of summer – no time to waste.

But as the games wear on, the kids become increasingly hotter and sweatier….while the kid who invented the game appears to be loafing most of the time now. Heck, he is not even sweating. And he is still winning every time.

In fact, it seems the more effort they put out, the easier he wins.

So the kids start talking amongst each other. Soon, it becomes obvious to all the kids that the game is rigged. Because their minds are still more pure and intuitive than our well “conditioned” adult minds, the pack of kids quickly reach a “mass consciousness”.

The pack instinctually knows they are the more powerful entity, and that if they all simply stop playing the game, this game will end.

So…after a few scatological names and insults shouted at the kid who was cheating, the pack of kids simply stop playing the game.

The game is over.

The imbalance is gone.

There is no need for violence or retribution. The kid who invented the game loses the trust of his friends….and drifts away.

The pack of kids go on to enjoy their last day of summer vacation.

THAT’S the “mutiny’ promoted by Going Primal.

It’s similar to the peaceful resistance Gandhi used in India to rid his fellow countrymen of the oppressive British: if the game is rigged – stop playing the game.

Then the people who run the game, will lose their power over you.

Their control will simple cease to exist.

But how do I stop playing “the game”?

There are many ways, which will all be explored here at Going Primal.

In short, you begin by consciously “controlling the controllables” in your own life.

In American society, the single most effective way to stop “playing the game”, is to carry out one key act of non-violence.

It is a simple act anyone can do. Anyone.


This device usually tells you what you want – not what you need.
It distorts your reality in negative way, and disconnects you from Nature and each other. It makes you feel bad about yourself.

The list of negatives is exponentially longer than the list of positives.

You may miss your television at first.
But soon you will begin to feel quietly liberated from “the game”, and you will never look back.

We are all one big global pack of kids now.
It’s time to restore the balance.

It’s time to begin the quiet mutiny of Going Primal.

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