Ask yourself….why are we allowing ourselves to be mastered by all these electronic “communication” gizmoes?

Why do we allow them to dictate our pace?

Are we even conscious of this recent phenomena at all?

Like an ape with a new shiny object -we just can’t seem to put them down. And disconnect. Even for a short while.

Yet nearly every study coming out now regarding the neurological effects of our “wired” society on the human brain documents THIS:

– an increase in mental stress

– an increase in emotional anxiety

– an increase in moodiness

– a decrease in mental focus

– a decrease in patience

– a decrease in overall memory

– a decrease in interpersonal skills (like eye contact)

– a decreased ability in creativity thinking

– a decreased ability in deep thinking

– a decreased ability in analytical thinking

But we know what “Snooki” looks like without make-up on!

By the year 2030, Ray Kurzweil, a brilliant leader in the Trans-Humanist movement, contends humans won’t be able to discern reality from virtual reality, and that we will spend most of our time living in virtual reality.

Given our present course, and the power of exponential technology, many think he is right.

Are you REALLY ready for that?

So….on March 23, 2012, starting at sundown (remember what that is?),  try “unplugging” your brain for just a mere 24 hours, as part of the “National Day of Unplugging 2012”.

And then go outside for a long walk.

See how that feels.

“Welcome to the real world.”

                                               – Neo,  from “The Matrix” (1999)

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