Over the last six months this website has been terribly hacked not once – but twice.

The site has effectively been shut down for months at a time.

How or why someone would hack “Going Primal”, and who carried it out – I do not know.

And most likely never will.

But what I DO know is that “Going Primal” is ultimately about DISSENT.

But what I DO know is that Going Primal is about freeing ourselves from the artificial prison we have been conditioned to live in since birth, and that simply because we are not in chains and shackles, or behind bars, it does not mean we are “free”.

But what I DO know is that Going Primal is a primordial shove back against the “status-quo” established by the ruling elite, who have had a damn good run for a long long time, often at the expense of the remaining 99.99% of us.

And last but not least, what I DO know is that the ruling elite in this country, and as well as globally, are scared shitless right now.

I can tell by the way they are “reacting”.

Economically, socially, politically, and ecologically, especially in my home country, the United States of America, “the system” that has provided and sustained the power perch The Owners so relish – has begun to breakdown.

And they know it.

These socio-paths KNOW they are trying to “sustain the unsustainable”……and that the writing is on the wall for our consumption at-all-costs economy.

But they have a deep and cowardly interest in maintaining “control” atop their power perch during the breathtaking descent in the standard of living now underway in this country.

They will not go down easily. Afterall, life has been so very good to them.

Now consider this scenario: if someone “official” looking knocks at your front door tonight and says, “Hello, we know you are not doing anything wrong, BUT we just want to make sure. So…we will be coming into your house everyday to just look around for awhile, check out your closets and perhaps your financial and health records, and maybe even pull your mail out of your mail box and open it and look it over….that sort of thing.”


Because that’s what is essentially happening to most all of us in terms of “privacy”.

We are being VIOLATED.

Here we are in 2013, where every key stroke we hit, every web search we conduct, every WEBSITE we visit, every e-mail we send, and every phone call we make is being filtered and/or monitored by the National Security Agency (NSA). Why?




Every “tweet” in the United States is being archived in the Library of Congress. Why?


And now every “text” will be soon be, too. Why?


GPS chips are already in many cars and will soon be in all cars, and are already tracking your precise location on planet Earth from inside your cell phone. Why?

Video cameras are every where now, both in public and private spaces. Hidden and unhidden. Why?

And the drones we used to recoil at when reading “science fiction” novels? They are already here. With plenty more to come. Why?






The fact is most of our financial, social, medical, and personal lives are all going “on-line” more and more everyday, and therefore will be ALWAYS be “available” for “monitoring” –  until the day we die and beyond.

Yet, like clamoring lemmings, we WILLINGLY line up in droves at “Best Buys” to spend our steadily declining buying power on the latest and greatest electronic gizmo…which only further records almost every detail of our existence.

This recent trend is only going to INCREASE.

It is a dictatorship’s wildest dream come true.

The stripping away of our privacy since 911 has been unprecendented and mind-boggling – and if you have been paying attention just this month regarding the “National Defense Authorization Act”, you know the final “death knell” for organized dissent may actually occur as I write this sentence.




Too many people forget that approximately 40 years ago, the President of the United States of America was facing PRISON time for his orders against perceived political enemies…..orders which are a mere fraction of what is being “ordered” for us as a society today.

Look at us now.

What happened?

And if anyone still believes this massive surveillance movement is mainly about protecting us from radical Islamic “terrorism”, well, your masters have succeeded with you as an individual.

Maybe…WE are the more dangerous “terrorist” in their eyes?

OR…. are figured to soon become the more dangerous “terrorists” (under the frighteningly vague definition we are “allowed” to see)…once the coming precipitous drop in the standard of living for 99.99% of the people in this nation… settles in?

“What’s the big deal if you are not doing anything “wrong”?” –  is too often the frequent question in response to this rant .

Which is EXACTLY how The Owners want you to react.

Just remember, The Owners get to set the terms of what “wrong” means.

But that frequent question also misses the larger and more critical point.

And that point is this: PRIVACY is a fundamental human right.

PRIVACY…. essentially IS “freedom”.

Because without privacy, true positive movements of mass dissent, like the Labor Movement, or the Civil Rights Movement, or the Women’s Suffrage Movement…. become IMPOSSIBLE.

Without privacy –  we become become exploited prisoners.

Or slaves.

Or both.

And thanks to the relentless escalation of technology we find ourselves inundated with, never before in the the history of human evolution… have so few been able to control so many.

We simply cannot afford to trust The Owners with this kind of power – a power that is unprecendented in human history.

As “absolute power” not only “corrupts absolutely” – it corrupts the human soul.

Going Primal only crawled into the electronic beast before you in order to “tame the beast”, not to destroy it.

And before long, the goal is for the Going Primal Movement to go “electronically dark”.

But in the meantime, if Going Primal gets hacked again soon after this post….then maybe I WILL  “know”?

That I am a “terrorist”?

And you will be too for being here?

“Just because you’re paranoid – doesn’t mean someone is not following you.”-unknown




No rain of meteorites from the sky.

No massive solar storm shutting down the global power grid.

No “Planet X” slamming into us.

No “polar reversal”.

No alien invasion.


So we laugh it off,  if we ever took any of it seriously to begin with.

But what’s striking is the collective arrogance of our derisive reaction to the “no show”.

As if we humans have seen it all before during our relative few “micro-seconds” of planetary reign.

And know it all.

As if the world will never end.

Maybe, just maybe, we are completely missing the Mayan’s “message”?

Maybe the real message is something NASA cannot detect with its mind-boggling technology.

Afterall, if you have been paying attention at all, you may have noticed that as a species we have been cannibalizing the natural world for awhile now, with no end in sight, and are well on our way to mass suicide on this little rock we fly through space on.

And there is no “Planet B” , as they say.

And if you have been paying attention at all, especially this past week, you may have noticed that the most powerful nation on Earth – and the home of the most violent culture on Earth….the United States of America ……is mired in an escalating downward spiral of greed, waste, division, hatred, war, and death.

Meanwhile, emerging economies of the world increasingly worship the “American Way”….and aspire to be just like them.

So maybe the Mayans, because they knew from experience, were trying to warn future humanity about something coming from “inside” of us?

Not from “outside” of us?

Perhaps this memorable Winter Solstice of 2012 is the critical “moment” at which we are suppose to begin awakening as a species and consciously “deciding” which “way” to proceed?

Will we will turn passionately toward hope –  or cling to hopelessness (and our semi-automatic guns)?

Will we strive to become more of a “we” world – and less of a “me” world?

Will we finally choose love over hate?

Or perhaps the Mayans have nothing to do with any of this at all – and we just need to DECIDE?




A TRILLION dollar economy… just PREPARING our infrastructure for the ravages of an escalating man-made global warming, let alone recovering from it’s early blows…….AWAITS.

Too bad roughly half of America believes man-made global warming is either a “hoax” or “liberal alarmism”.

Those “in denial” need to ask an upper level executive of any insurance company that protects homes, businesses, and properties in the USA… if both the frequency and intensity of natural disasters we are experiencing is “media induced hype”.

Go ahead. Ask one.


During the “solar max” we are currently experiencing, the odds that the Earth will be hit “just right” by a “coronal mass ejection”…escalate.

This type of event has happened countless times in Earth’s history.

And it will happen again.

Our highly “wired” civilization is NOT READY for this.


This could be the grand “moment of truth” for our species.

When it happens….

Will we get along?

Or will we tear each other to shreds?


Perhaps the single biggest ethical question of the 21st century for collective humanity is:  how do we elevate the living standard of the entire global human family, yet sustain the ecological integrity of our only habitat – the Earth?

Don’t worry.

While we are planting trees and picking up litter today, the homocidal ruling elite of Earth are ANSWERING that critical question for all of us.



Food is sacred.

Throughout most of the course of human evolution, having enough food was the defining difference between life and death.

It was elemental as air, water, and soil.

Yet now, in many societies of the world where food is plentiful, we exploit it.

We play with it.

We dress it up.

We horde it.

We sell commericials with it.

We process it to the point where it becomes toxic to us over prolonged periods of time.

We even consider it an “art form”.

And with over 1 billion of our fellow human beings facing starvation every day, we gorge on it.

Ironically, in societies where food is plentiful, the poorest people on average are the most obese people.

This ongoing debasement of food represents one of the main ways people have distanced themselves from Nature, their less fortunate fellow humanity around the world, and the control of their our own health.

How did this happen?

For the most part, our primal instincts have and continue to be cleverly manipulated.


Awaken and respect the sacredness of food again. Real food.