Q: What is “GOING PRIMAL”?

A:  GOING PRIMAL is a Human freedom and sustainability movement in the United States.
It contends that Humanity is the only species on Earth NOT living in harmony with its environment – by choice.
The movement also documents that despite all of the impressive and welcomed “progress” and “prosperity” in technologically advanced societies of the Earth, these societies are beginning to create environments which are actually harmful to their people.
In otherwords, these societies are now experiencing a “diminishing return” on all their creature-comfort advancements.
Ironically, the movement believes that distancing ourselves from our God-given and generally feared “PRIMAL NATURE” is the root cause of this harm.
This harm is physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
For 99.99 % our species’ existence on Earth, our mind, body, and souls were being formed by the Natural World.
Yet in “advanced” societies, we have recently become extremely disconnected from that same Natural World, each other, and even ourselves.
In short – we are beginning to live in cages we refuse to see.
GOING PRIMAL is not about donning a loin cloth and retreating back to our “hunting and gathering” stage.
There is no going back now. 
But it IS about INTEGRATING with Nature again – rather than perpetually seeking to DOMINATE it.
It IS about DECENTRALIZING our habitat again, rather than CENTRALIZING it.
It IS about thinking ECO-CENTRICALLY again – rather than ANTHRO-CENTRICALLY. 
And it IS about asking questions like:
Have TOO many of us become TOO physically comfortable?
Are we becoming more “domesticated” than “civilized”?
Is Human evolution always “positive”?
Have computers really made our lives that much better overall ?
Is MORE technology ALWAYS the answer?
Could we already be witnessing the emergence of a new sub-species of Human….the “techno-sapien” – and is that what we as a species collectively desire? 
So please explore GOING PRIMAL and start rolling this stuff around in your mind, then turn off your computer…AND GO OUTSIDE!

P R I M A L…can be GOOD.






“Extinction is the rule.  Survival is the exception.” — Carl Sagan