Question 2

Q: What does “GOING PRIMAL” actually mean?

A: GOING PRIMAL means consciously embracing our God given primal nature – rather than running away from it.  The “dark” side. The “bright” side. All of it.

Throughout human history, it seems our dark side has been increasingly suppressed on the surface, yet fed and left to run amok at an unconscious level…while our bright side has lingered on a restrictive diet.

By consciously embracing our primal nature, we can better understand and therefore master our dark side….such as our attraction to violence and mass consumption.

Consciously embracing our primal nature will also allow our bright side to grow again…..such as our instincts to nurture each other and respect the Earth’s ecosystem.

In short, only by consciously embracing our primal nature, will we finally realize the full TRUTH of our primal nature. And that embracement will be a liberation, not a sacrifice.