No rain of meteorites from the sky.

No massive solar storm shutting down the global power grid.

No “Planet X” slamming into us.

No “polar reversal”.

No alien invasion.


So we laugh it off,  if we ever took any of it seriously to begin with.

But what’s striking is the collective arrogance of our derisive reaction to the “no show”.

As if we humans have seen it all before during our relative few “micro-seconds” of planetary reign.

And know it all.

As if the world will never end.

Maybe, just maybe, we are completely missing the Mayan’s “message”?

Maybe the real message is something NASA cannot detect with its mind-boggling technology.

Afterall, if you have been paying attention at all, you may have noticed that as a species we have been cannibalizing the natural world for awhile now, with no end in sight, and are well on our way to mass suicide on this little rock we fly through space on.

And there is no “Planet B” , as they say.

And if you have been paying attention at all, especially this past week, you may have noticed that the most powerful nation on Earth – and the home of the most violent culture on Earth….the United States of America ……is mired in an escalating downward spiral of greed, waste, division, hatred, war, and death.

Meanwhile, emerging economies of the world increasingly worship the “American Way”….and aspire to be just like them.

So maybe the Mayans, because they knew from experience, were trying to warn future humanity about something coming from “inside” of us?

Not from “outside” of us?

Perhaps this memorable Winter Solstice of 2012 is the critical “moment” at which we are suppose to begin awakening as a species and consciously “deciding” which “way” to proceed?

Will we will turn passionately toward hope –  or cling to hopelessness (and our semi-automatic guns)?

Will we strive to become more of a “we” world – and less of a “me” world?

Will we finally choose love over hate?

Or perhaps the Mayans have nothing to do with any of this at all – and we just need to DECIDE?