Question 5

Q: Why the urgency for GOING PRIMAL?

A:  The “Information Age” of the last approximately 30 years has produced escalating rates of technology which are unprecedented.

There is ample evidence that we do not seem to be adapting very well to this radical change right now.

Therefore, Going Primal believes that we now face a critical crossroads in our evolution not due to just this ongoing hyper-change, but in the coming EXPONENTIAL changes knocking at our door.

In that regard, we now stand like oblivious children ignorantly waving loaded BB guns in our own faces, with high powered shotguns on the way.

Imminent breathtaking technological advances in fields such as computer science, medicine, genetics, nano-technology, bionics, and virtual reality……will soon present our species with an opportunity to literally redefine what it means to be “human” and live a “human existence” ….FOREVER.


In effect, we will very soon give ourselves the power to change the nature… of our own Nature.

And all of Nature itself.

Do we want that?

Should we want that?