Question 4

Q: Where did GOING PRIMAL come from?

A: The roots of Going Primal are the various “Back to Nature” movements of the 19th and 20th centuries in European and Western societies, that arose in opposition to the rapid changes brought on by industrialization.

However, in the face of the Information Age, Going Primal offers our species a deeper challenge: from here on out it implores us to begin to evolve more “consciously” and less “unconsciously”.

In otherwords, from the dawn of humanity, we have always asked with great fervor,  “Can we?” , and then gone on our merry way as a species.

But now, it may be wise to start also asking “Should we?”

This movement also differs in that it asks us to explore a mix of the current and the past:

For instance, WHAT IF people living in technologically advanced societies could:

– live in harmony with the natural world like the Native North Americans did for thousands of years, yet have access to modern medical care if we became seriously injured?

– live with the simplicity and sense of local community as today’s Amish people, yet have access to the wonders of the Internet?

– gain back more control of their own food, shelter, energy, finances, health, education……and pace of life….. yet still enjoy many of the physical comforts of 21st century technology?