Question 4 – More

History proves that suppression of human nature and emotion will eventually manifest itself in perversion and destructive behavior – and we have seen it happen to entire societies, not just individuals. Likewise, any mental health professional today will tell you this kind of suppression breeds all kinds of personal neurosis.

Therefore, GOING PRIMAL believes that if we better understand our dark and negative impulses by consciously confronting them, rather than by suppressing them, we can better manage them.  The analogy would be “alcoholism”. Any alcoholic must first accept, and then confront, their alcoholism in order to understand WHY they over drink…..then and only then can they truly master their negative and self-destructive behavior.

Right now, in technologically advanced societies as a whole, we are NOT confronting our “dark side”.  It is dominating. And it is dominating because, in a sense, we have been trained to allow it to dominate. We unconsciously and incessantly feed our “dark side”, especially within the context of our cultural and economic systems….which, sadly, promote and cater to it at almost every opportunity.

For example, even a cursory review of Western mass media demonstrates that people enmasse find murder, gratuitous violence, and sexual perversion ENTERTAINING…. often to the point of addiction. Or consider that in the US right now, there are more people incarcerated in prisons and wasting away, than there are farmers – farming.

Consider these other unintended consequences of  “unconscious” evolution:

– war still appears to be our destiny, as our herd mentality continues to be unconsciously exploited, and most of our technologically advanced societies build, sell, and seek weaponry capable of wiping out ALL of humanity and rendering Earth uninhabitable.

– most of our technologically advanced societies continue their rampant consumerism and wasting, while many less technologically advanced and undeveloped societies continue their rapid population growth and desire to mimic advanced societies…….even though there are less and less finite natural resources available each year on Earth to support this unsustainable scenario.

– most of our technological advanced societies continue to create and foster completely sedentary, convenient, and physically ultra-comfortable lifestyles …often at the expense of people’s physical, mental, and emotional well being ….and even more the expense of vast human suffering in “undeveloped” places elsewhere on Earth.

– most of our technologically advanced societies practice widespread use of petroleum based products and synthetic chemicals, including in highly centralized food systems, that more often than not, are toxic to our bodies and the environment……and power these societies through the burning of finite supplies of environmentally degrading, and often carncinogenic, fossil fuels.

NONE of these situations are SUSTAINABLE for us as a species on this planet.

All of them ultimately lead to war.

And a World War III…..would be our last war.

As obviously the type of war we are now capable of  waging as a species is much “different” than it was even a mere 75 years ago.

Ultimately, the major paradigm shift offered by GOING PRIMAL could possibly become MORE profound for humanity than past major shifts, such as the realization we won’t fall off the Earth if we journey to the horizon….or that the Earth is not the center of the Universe.

In the end, it’s up to “collective will”.  Do we have the COLLECTIVE will?