Take a good look at this.

This is what America’s ignorance looks like.

As I write this, our slimy, toxic, and reeking ignorance ….is drifing toward the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts in the form of a massive oil slick.

It’s as if we are about to be force-fed our own bile.

Yet, at this moment, most of us still remain head-over-heels in love with all of our technology. It can do no wrong.  It will always save us.

Our ability to drill deep holes into the Earth’s ocean floor, and then extract the hydrocarbons, so we can make plastic and power our fancy machines with it…..impresses us so.  

Our starry eyes don’t blink.

But the blindness of that love, has lead to this ignorance.

And our ability to communicate through “texts” and “tweets” over oceans about this very catastrophe, blows away our love sick minds, even though whales have been communicating across oceans…….for eons.

The eons upon eons before primal man even emerged.

Yet we’ll continue to clamor and fuss over the next great electronic communication gizmo…and get so excited… and distracted.

We are deepy and madly in love, indeed.

As of late, I have a primal feeling that the Earth is not impressed with our latest technologies, and that we are going to get only so many “tough-love” warnings from her.

Today, Going Primal advocate Bill McKibben was on NPR.  He was giving out some warnings of his own. Try listening to Bill out of love for the Earth, not the fear of her.

Because it’s the Earth we need to fall in love with.


“Bill McKibben’s Eaarth Warning” – NPR Radio

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