War – the exploitation of our darkest primal urge.

Half of “going primal”, is about recognizing and acting upon not just the “bright side” our our nature, but the “dark side” of it.

In otherwords, facing the dark side instead of burying it or running from it. By confronting it, we can become masters of our selves, instead of slaves to others.

Suppressing the dark side of of our primal nature only makes it exponentially easier for us to be exploited. And the results of that exploitation – only more tragic and destructive.

This suppression is why “sex sells”, certain colors excite us, obesity is sky rocketing, and more money is never enough.

It’s also why the ultimate failure known as war is even possible.

We walk around, unconscious of what we really are.

The ruling elite of all societies know this. And they use it.

Any psychologist or AA counselor will tell you that the first step to recovery for an alcoholic – is for them to admit they have a problem. And that there will be no progress or healing until that moment occurs….and then sustains itself.

Like an alcoholic, our species has… “a problem”.

And we have yet to admit it.

Will we ever?

No. There is not much happiness on Veterans Day.

18 veterans in the USA are now committing suicide every day, and on Veterans Day every year that number soars.

Any glorification or sanitization of war on this “holiday” only ensures that our darkest primal urge will continue to haunt us.

“An organism at war with itself is doomed” -Carl Sagan

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