We live in “exponential” times.

Times of “exponential technological development”.

Yet the minds, bodies, and souls we possess are still in a relative primal state, having evolved over the millenia at a fraction of the pace of life we are witnessing today.

We were told this technology would “liberate us” – yet Americans are working harder and longer hours every year.

“Adrenal gland burnout” is at an all-time high – and escalating.
Because instead of running from a wild beast every once in a while, we are now being dragged by an “electronic beast” 24/7.

As a society in the past, America built skyscapers, won two world wars, and put a man on the moon….all without cell phones.

Are our lives really better overall – now that we cannnot live without our cell phones?

We now seem to be “multi-tasking” multi-tasking.

If it seems that everyone these days has a sort of “culturally induced ADD” – it’s not your imagination.

“Time compression” is the now number one threat to the average American’s well-being. Most Americans are totally oblivious to this relatively recent phenomena.

Time compression degrades our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health in all ways, as well as our relationships in all ways.

There is no aspect of our life it does not ravage.

It is the invisible menace of the “Information Age”.

It steals the most precious resource we have.

I am going to turn “the beast” off now….walk outside….and inhale slowly and deeply.

You in?

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