Here we go again.

Throughout the history of our species, we have always looked to technology to make us more comfortable and to improve our lives.

And most times, it has done that.

You might even say our species is “obsessed” with technology.

But technology has always represented a double edged sword –
particularly when it has comes to using it to modify the natural environment.

Manipulating the natural world through the application of technology in certain areas of the world, has almost always created short term gains at the expense of worse problems down the road.

Now along comes…… “geo-engineering.”

Now the manipulation is “going global”.

Certain global elite have decided, on our behalf, that the human species should inject reflective particles into the atmosphere around the world, in an attempt to slow down global warming.

This desperate technological fix, called “chem-trails”, not only “kicks” the immense sustainability problems we now face as a species “down the road”, but it does nothing to stop the carbon emission problem at its sources, and is wrought with possible negative side effects we haven’t even begun to understand.

Until we learn to live not only without our own means “economically”, but within the means of Nature….we will continue to suffer the tragedy of unintended consequences.

Because in the end, Nature always wins.


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